Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Spinoff & Reorg Profiles?

Special situations investment newsletter for value investors. This recent sample issue shows the basic format of every issue. Each issue includes one investment recommendation, several special situations ideas, a spinoff news digest, digested financial statements of current U.S. spinoffs, and an updated calendar covering all known, definitively announced spinoffs worldwide.

How much does it cost?

$99 per month, payable monthly by credit card or annually by check or wire.

How often is Spinoff & Reorg published?

Monthly since June 2005, plus a few issues released ad-hoc starting August 2004. Publication stopped in November 2014.

Who writes Spinoff & Reorg?

Since inception, every issue has been written and edited entirely by William Mitchell, who is a former hedge fund analyst, Stanford MBA and Caltech engineering alum.  For data gathering, Mr. Mitchell also employs a combination of retained researchers and proprietary software (developed in house).

Who reads Spinoff & Reorg?

Most of our subscribers are principals and analysts at investment partnerships. They are located in about a dozen countries, but chiefly the United States.

Where is Spinoff & Reorg physically located?

Adjacent to John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, California.  Contact information here.

Can I have the most recent issue as a sample?

In fairness to existing subscribers, who are paying for exclusivity, we do not give away the most recent issue.  But you have two alternatives.

First, you can sign up and then cancel after your first new issue, since we do not require an annual commitment. This greatly limits your exposure in the event it does not meet your needs.

Second, there are several back issues available for free download at the bottom of the home page.

How do I sign up?

Go to the signup page to subscribe month-to-month by major credit card.  For annual invoicing or soft dollar subscriptions, please contact us.