Spinoff Stock Research

Spinoff & Reorg Profiles was formerly a monthly spin-off research report for traditional value investors. Publication stopped in November 2014 after 109 issues and nearly 10 years.

Research services we still offer

Though Spinoff & Reorg is no longer available, we still offer four investment research products intended for professional investors. These are idea generation tools that do not make specific, current investment recommendations.

  1. Gemfinder — find promising special situations in recent SEC filings.
  2. SearchEdgar — find promising recent SEC filings with a convenient full-text search engine, with email alerts.
  3. Spinoff & Reorg Profiles back issues — a collection of all 109 published issues, ending November 2014. The specific investment ideas in these back issues are no longer timely or valid. However, the material may be useful in understanding a value approach to special situations research. Contact us for details.
  4. Historical spinoff list for backtest — For analysts examining new strategies, we offer a data set of US spinoffs going back almost 20 years.